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Surfing In Huntington Beach

By Amelia Frankland , Posted on 29 Jan, 2024 at 10:55 pm

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Surfing In Huntington Beach

There is a compelling reason for calling Huntington Beach a remarkable “Surf City USA.” What makes a 10-mile coast a surfer paradise is steady all-year wave activity, complemented by zippy deeply-drenched surf culture. All five unique beaches here invite surfers of all expertise levels, from a novice, feeling the thrill of taking a paddle-out 1st time in relaxed radiant waters to the expert snowboarder immersing in the excitement by the side of the pier. We have created a list of 5 Huntington Beach California surfing spots for you so that you can soak in laid-back vibes on an uninterrupted coastline. Let’s get into it!

Pro Tip: Take surf classes, participate in their surf event, travel back in time with the International Surfing Museum, or drop by the surf shops to get your hands on surfing accessories.


Huntington Beach Pier South Side:

Head to the south side of Huntington Beach Pier to play with waves that seem super enjoyable for short boarders. With decent waves, you can look forward to experiencing an open, rippable, and nice wavefront. Remember, this one isn’t recommended for inexperienced surfers, the wave-catching lineup can be quite intense.

Moreover, the best time to enjoy surfing in Huntington Beach to the fullest is winter, plus spring and fall can also be quite good. As summer arrives, this south side is jam-packed with visitors, seeking to splash some water around as they swim across the sea. So, surfing in summer temporarily bid farewell to surfers. But there’s no need to worry! You can make your way straight to the north side!


Bolsa Chica:

For most of the year, Bolsa Chica Beach serves as the best surfing spot in Huntington Beach for beginners while giving a decent timeout to longboarders. If you are looking for a relaxed and laid-back experience, this surfing in Huntington Beach option is a perfect match as the surf here has a more scattered pattern of waves that are usually not too fast or intense as they are easy to paddle out.


Sunset Beach:

Sunset Beach is the ultimate South California Beach town, famous as the northern jewel, spread on a 1.5-mile ocean stretch that is typically shredded by surfers. This hidden gem is particularly known for pristine beaches, easygoing surf culture, and breathtaking sunsets. The rolling waves offer a great opportunity for experienced surfers to enjoy thrilling adventures here! Not only surfing, this place beckons everyone who has an interest in stand-up paddleboarding and boogie boarding.


Huntington Beach Pier North:

As you reach the north side of Huntington Beach, you will encounter the rapid collapsing of waves, and the barrel forming often depends on the sandbars and tide. If you prefer to spend some time in the green room, this place must be your go-to option.


Huntington Beach Cliffs:

The slow and soft waves while surfing in Huntington Beach throughout the year make it perfect for longboarding as the waves are smaller. The faster waves allow short boarding, specifically with an effect on a swell blend where the tides are low. Moreover, you can drop by the dog beach facing the cliffs, which can be packed with crowds in summertime.

In a nutshell, Huntington is popular by the name of “Surf City,” which caters to all levels of surfers. From the soft and slow waves at the South Side of Huntington Pier to the navigation inside the barrel, this phenomenal Huntington Beach California surfing destination has something for everyone. So, let your soul indulge in the deep culture of surfing in Southern California.


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